As a forward to its inaugural exhibition in September, Pepin Moore is proud to present a group show organized by Drew Heitzler.

Animal Style: The New Warrior

July 9th through August 14th 2010
Opening reception: July 9th 2010, 7-9pm
Go check out the link above to learn more about the Mankind Project and their New Warrior Training weekends. My shrink was really pushing me to do this, so after researching it a bit, I found a new shrink. Shortly there after, my friends Genevieve and John Ryan told me they were opening a new gallery in Chinatown. They asked me if I would curate a summer show for them to operate as a forward to their official opening in September. Since I have a stoner attention span (and appetite), I immediately thought of the New Warrior Training and then In and Out burgers.  
I'm guessing you know that besides their regular menu, In and Out has all these options that are off menu. Animal Style is extra everything. It got its name in the early sixties when In and Out first became popular with surfers. They would order their burgers this way. The clean-cut employees (In and Out still has weird born-again affiliations) referred to the shaggy surfer boys as animals, thus Animal Style. Coincidentally, early versions of the new warrior training sessions were called Wild Animal Weekends.
So there you go. Messy burgers and self-help retreats that lead to ideas of inclusive exclusion, cult behavior, new age family values, masochistic machismo rituals, spirit animal journeys, passive aggression, and enlightenment. I love California.

Artists in the exhibition include Justin Beal, Scott Benzel, Gil Blank, Jedediah Caesar, Matthew Chambers, Fritz Chesnut, Krysten Cunningham, Mark Hagen, Emilie Halpern, and Lucy Raven

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