Currently on view:

The John Riepenhoff Experience presents

Alan Belcher

_______.jpg, 2012

September 15th through October 20th 2012

Previous Exhibitions:

The Secret Coreographer

Atopical Bandaids (after Calabrese)

July 7th - August 11th 2012

Ryan Travis Christian Collaborates

featuring works by

Ryan Travis Christian & Eddie Martinez

Ryan Travis Christian & Geoffrey Todd Smith

Ryan Travis Christian & Eric Yahnker

May 26th - June 30th 2012

April 14th through May 19th 2012

Jeni Spota

Minor Mistakes

March 3rd through April 7th 2012

Andrew J Greene

Ambitious Diplomat

January 14th through February 18th 2012

Jena Lee

Bird in Space

October 29th through December 30th 2012

SSS - Contracted Paintings curated by Fuminao Suenagaart

Shimon Minamikawa, Fuminao Suenaga, Shunsuke Imai, Katsuhisa Sato

September 17th through October 22nd 2011

Te KKKiero un Potosi curated by Agatha Wara 

Narda Alvarado, Douglas Rodrigo Rada, Alfredo Román, Julio Gonzalez Sanchez, Roberto Unterladstaetter, Raquel Schwartz

June 11th through July 30th 2011

American Fantasy Classics: Brenna Murphy

April 30th through June 4th 2011

The Golden Age Experience curated by The Golden Age, Chicago

Megan Plunkett

Lauren Anderson

Jon Rafman

Paul Cowan

Derek Chan

Martine Syms

Marco Kane Braunschweiler

March 19th through April 23rd 2011

Ben Warwas

January 21st through March 12th 2011

Peter Barrickman

The Treacherous Trek

December 10th 2010 through January 15th 2011

Richard Galling

October 29th through December 4th 2010

Kristin Calabrese


September 17th through October 23rd 2010

Amy Yao & Paul Stoelting

Rats &Doves

August 20th through September 11th 2010

John Riepenhoff Experience